November 6

5 Day English Challenge



5 Day English Challenge

Hey guys, I just finished working on a new free course.

Are you looking for the perfect excuse to start interacting on daily basis with native trainers and other English learners to improve your business English?

If you answered yes to this, then we have the perfect thing to get you motivated. The AOBE 5 day English challenge! And best of all, it’s free!

All you need to do is go over to the AOBE website, and take the free course. Click below to get started.

Join the AOBE team as we treat  you to a free 5 day English challenge course. Over the 5 days you will cover the following areas:

  1. Become a member of our private Facebook group
  2. Have the opportunity to share your “pain points” with the community
  3. Get useful and inspirational feedback and advice to help you improve your business English
  4. Practice your writing while getting insightful corrections and ideas from the AOBE team
  5. Have the opportunity to interact with other learners and offer them advice
  6. Practice your reading and give your opinion on a wide range of issues
  7. Participate in healthy debates

Don’t wait! Take the 5 day email challenge now and join a wonderful community of learners.


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