English For Young Children

Methodology for Young Children's English Classes

At Castells Immerscom School of English we offer classes in Manresa to children starting from year one of primary school. We offer small group sizes with native and proficient level teachers. Our methodology incorporates the latest technology which allows us to offer dynamic, exciting and fun classes where children learn their new language in a fun and natural way.

The Wombats, Koalas, Kangaroos and Crocs courses are designed for girls and boys who are in year one of primary, all the way up to year four. This is the first cycle at our school and here we slowly introduce grammatical structures in English through projects each semester.

We do what we like to call a "Zoom in", meaning, our Wombats begin with the universe and we take them on a voyage to planet earth. Students learn about the continents, countries and their people and cultures. Our Crocs finish with different artistic movements and famous painters.

We teach our students English through culture to encourage them to become more aware of the world around them and the great diversity that it offers.

Wombats - Year 1  Primary

Koalas - Year 2 Primary

Kangaroos - Year 3 Primary

Crocs - Year 4 Primary

Below you will find the different courses for children from 1st year of primary to year 4 of primary.

Our little ones begin their learning journey in the stars with the planets and  the solar system. They then travel to planet earth to the villages and inhabitants from around the globe. All the while learning about the names of the objects that surround them. As such they begin to form their first phrases and learn how to ask questions and become inquisitive about the world around them. 

Our Koalas start by being immersed in the culture and festivals from around the world, as well as the people and their houses. They also continue learning vocabulary to  describe their surroundings and how to ask and answer questions. Our approach to teaching gives them to the confidence to speak.

Our Kangaroos learn how to describe their family, tell the time, talk about their hobbies and much more. We continue to expand their vocabulary and begin to develop more complex structures which promote confidence in speaking. Furthermore, our Kangaroos discover the animal kingdom and we talk about our favourite animals and learn how to describe them.

The last course in the elementary block before our little ones move up to preparatory. Here our Crocs learn more advanced grammar, such as how to use the present simple and present continuous tenses and talk about the future. Our Crocs also discover the world of art and how to express our desires.

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