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Cambridge Advanced and Proficiency Certificate language courses for teenagers and young adults

Designed specifically for teenagers and young adults, who are in Bachillerato 1st/2nd, or university students. Both the Cambridge Advanced Certificate in English (C1) and the Cambridge Proficiency in English Certificate (C2) are two year preparation courses, each with a accompanying intensive course in the months of July or September.

Students who excel within the Castells Immerscom learning environment are encouraged to take either one of these certificates in only one year. Every year Castells Immerscom presents a large number of students for these exams and we consistently achieve a 100% pass rate for the CPE and 90% pass rates from the CAE.  

The course content focuses on ensuring students have the linguistic and communicative skills to work in any English speaking environment with native speakers. Both the CAE and CPE certifications allow students to live, study and work in any country where English is spoken as a first language.

Finally, a C1 level is required for those who wish to study a master at top universities in Spain or for those who wish to live and study abroad in English speaking countries. 

The Cambridge Advanced Certificate in English is a general English qualification which shows that your English is of a standard expected of a professional business person or an undergraduate university student.


You should take CAE if you want to prove to employers or universities that you can communicate confidently in English in professional and high-level academic situations. To take the exam you should be able to:

1. write complex reports and emails, and take notes in meetings or lectures

2. give presentations on complicated ideas in English

3. understand a variety of texts, from fiction to newspaper opinion pieces.

The Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) qualification shows that you have mastered English and can use it fluently in demanding research, academic and professional situations. This is the highest Cambridge English qualification.


You should take the CPE if you want to prove to employers that you can use English at a senior management level, or if you want to study at postgraduate or PhD level at an English-speaking university.

To take the exam you should be able to:

1. understand almost everything you hear or read in English

2. use and understand formal, academic and colloquial language

3. negotiate, argue and discuss the subtle issues of complex subjects.

Cambridge Advanced Certificate in English (CAE)

Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE)