English for adults


The school offers a methodology for learning English based on highly innovative techniques. Among the most interesting of these are our intensive immersion stays of up to five days’ duration, designed so that students live exclusively in English. We also have a wide variety of both face-to-face and on-line classes and sessions 

adapted to every possible need, to enable students to develop the language skills that most suit their personal and professional goals. The ability to speak English is vital for the world of work, so we place special emphasis on developing the competencies necessary for presentations, telephone conversations, team work, meetings and so on.

The courses

Classes at the school

We have a stable team of both expert and native teachers at the Castells Immerscom school and offer a broad range of courses at all levels, from Basic to Proficiency, as well as business English and conversation classes, each with their own specially prepared materials.

In- company classes

We have an extensive offering of face-to-face English courses for individuals or groups from October to June, as well as intensive programmes. The courses vary in intensity and frequency depending on students’ needs. We offer specialisations in all cases: financial English, specialised English for a wide range of professionals, document writing, and so on. We adapt to the timetable requirements of each client and include the possibility of making up sessions that have had to be cancelled for some reason.At Castells Immerscom we help companies take advantage of Government schemes made available via the Tripartita Foundation, which provides financial support to the business sector for staff training. All non-self-employed workers can thus access training courses without almost any cost being incurred by the company.

Residential courses

We specialise at Castells Immerscom in immersion in English for professionals, businesspeople or anyone who wants to access an English language learning method which is fast, intensive, effective and fun. These courses combine classes with leisure activities, contact with nature and training in business matters.

The idea is that students learn to integrate English into their companies’ daily routines and any other situation. The best way to achieve this is through language immersion: 24 hours a day (from two to five days) in an isolated environment, with native teachers who adapt the classes and activities to each student’s needs and priorities. This complete immersion is made possible by conducting the courses outside the company, in a natural, rural setting. So they are usually held at Món Sant Benet (Bages), home of the Alícia Foundation project and only an hour away from Barcelona. Món Sant Benet is a place where it is easy to disconnect from the business routine, enter into contact with nature and traditional gastronomy, and enjoy some healthy outdoor activities, while still studying and practicing English.

The system enables students to acquire a good level of business English through intensive exposure to the language. Not just attending classes, but also breathing, sleeping, eating and having fun in English.

At Castells Immerscom we offer a broad range of courses which, following this philosophy, employ different techniques to adapt to each client’s requirements, be it just one person or a company group. From standard courses for four people, to one-to-one programmes.

The syllabus for this type of courses features characteristics that help improve oral fluency and listening comprehension, preparing and making presentations, drafting letters and documents, conducting negotiations, meetings and telephone conversations, and so on. Our teaching staff integrate these options naturally into the classes, previously researching the vocabulary and material employed in the clients’ professional sector in order to provide them with practical tools for the specific needs of their professional reality.

Intensive courses(July and September)

We provide intensive, one-month courses (July and September) suitable for anyone and adapted to all levels. We organise an intensive in July for students of FCE 2 and CAE 2 so they can sit the exam at the end of the month, while in September we offer courses for those who wish to take the exam at the beginning of October.

Official exams


The official exams set by Trinity College London represent a chance to gain one of the most prestigious international qualifications accrediting a level of competence in spoken English. Trinity College certificates are recognised by universities, public and private bodies, and companies at both the national and international levels. At our school we offer specific preparation for these exams and can boast an extremely high pass rate.

Cambridge English

The Cambridge exams are the quintessential qualification to demonstrate language skills in the world of work and university study at the global level. We offer the ideal preparation to attain the various Cambridge certificates. The First Certificate in English (B2), Advanced or CAE (C1) and Proficiency (C2). The skills which must be demonstrated and for which we provide specific training are Listening, Speaking, Writing, Reading and Use of English.

Theme - based sessions

At Castells Immerscom we regularly organise monographic sessions around a concrete theme with the aim of helping students improve their language skills in a particular field. To that end, we provide specific tools (vocabulary, grammar, expressions, etc.) which we put into practice in sessions which are both intensely participatory and highly enjoyable. This type of session is of special interest for students who wish to improve the English they need to use in their business or professional lives.

Virtual Campus

In parallel to the face-to-face classes, we also offer follow-up through a virtual campus to reinforce those sessions and provide students with further opportunities to practice English in their free time. Through this system they can do on-line exercises, create forums, work with classmates or follow the course in the event of absence.

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