Business Idioms 1

This six module course helps English language learners build their knowledge of business idioms and their understanding of them in different business scenarios.

On the course we cover idioms for marketing, finance, behaviour, operations and production, manegament and planning. 

Each module introduces a wide range of idioms, with detailed explanations, scenario based learning situations for contextual learning and practice exercises to ensure knowledge acquisition. 

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Last updated: 10/2020

Created by Lloic Bellet

  • Language: English
  • Course duration:6 - 8 weeks (includes lifetime access to all updates)
  • Effort: 3  hours a week (self-paced online learning)


  • Business Idioms 1


  • marketing idioms
  • finance idioms
  • behaviour idioms
  • operations and production idioms
  • management idioms
  • planning idioms


You have been studying English for a long time and feel that you have a wide range of vocabulary at your disposal. The problem is that you find it difficult to understand your native colleagues at work, especially when they use "those" expressions. Native English speakers use lots of idioms which can be confusing. You might understand the individual words in each idiom, but you don't understand what the expressions actually mean. For example, if your boss tells you that you need to "step up" and "sort things out", then you may struggle to find sense in the meaning.

Understanding and using English idioms at work will help you express yourself more effectively in your job. Idioms are often used as a short cut, a way to express a concept or idea in a short and memorable way. Humans use idioms to engage their listeners and emphasise their ideas and opinions. If you use idioms, you will be able to express yourself in a more colourful and natural way.

This course will teach you lots of common English idioms used at work. You'll be able to build stronger relationships with your English-speaking colleagues and clients by using the language they speak.

Each video is between 3 and 5 minutes long and gives you a scenario based approach to improving your knowledge of idioms. The course covers the following areas of business:

  • Module one: marketing idioms
  • Module two: Finance idioms
  • Module three: behaviour idioms
  • Module four: operations and productions idioms
  • Module five: management idioms
  • Module six: planning idioms

Each lesson within each module contains the explanation of each idiom, the dialogue of each scenario and practice exercises to make sure you have understand each expression.

Who this course is for:

  • Adult learners of English as a second language.
  • Professionals who need to use English at work.
  • Anyone with an intermediate level of English who wants to expand their knowledge of English expressions and improve their listening and reading skills.

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Paula Perez

I have contact with foreign companies and it is very common I have to attend meetings with foreign people. So I have tried to improve my English by online courses. AOBE has helped me improve in my job.

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Lloic Bellet

trainer and coach

I am a native English speaker based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Corporate executive by day with over 20 years of experience in international trade and business management. First of all, my focus is helping you improve your English conversation!

In addition to an MBA and Member of IATEFL, I hold TEFL + online teaching certification. I am:

1. online and offline TEFL qualified
2. qualified to teach business English online
3. fluent in the language of business 
4. able to converse at different levels of business management
5. available one-on-one as an English tutor at italki

Because YOU have important business discussions and English conversations YOU want to participate in, I specialize in Business conversational English. Sessions are aimed at improving your ability to communicate across a variety of business topics.


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Jordi Peña

Thank you so much for helping me to improve my Business English! I learnt a lot of techniques from your coaching classes.

Marta Ribera

If you want a wider view of Global Communication, The Art of Business English is one of the best ways to achieve it. Highly recommended!

Paula Perez

I have contact with foreign companies and it is very common I have to attend meetings with foreign people. So I have tried to improve my English by online courses. AOBE has helped me improve in my job.