English for children

Methodology for English courses for children

We have developed our own system for teaching English to children in a fun, dynamic and engaging way that encourages them to learn about and understand the world around them .

with the help of National Geographic and CENGAGE learning we open student's eyes to the wonders of the world in which they live all within in the context of English. This holistic approach to teaching encourages students to travel, explore and learn more about mobility in a globalised world. 

Our teachers are native and experts in teaching languages to children. We have adapted all of our classes to the level of each year and work on improving the five key skills areas for the adoption of a second language. With a personalised and friendly approach to each of our students, they learn in a comfortable and confident way. 

If you would like your children to learn English for life here at our centre in Manresa then, keep in mind that there are four levels before reaching the First Certificate (FCE) preparation course. We also offer private lessons for children who have specific learning needs.

  • Preparatory: aimed at year 5 primary kids
  • First: aimed at year 6 primary kids
  • Second: for year 1 ESO
  • Third: designed for year 2 ESO
  • Private Lessons

At Castells Immerscom we offer students the option of attending classes both in-person or online and all of our courses are supported with extra material on our online campus. 

Preparatòria: 5è de primària 

Primer: 6è de primària

Segon: 1r ESO

Tercer: 2n ESO