Residential courses


At Castells Immerscom we specialise in English immersion courses for professionals, businesspeople and anyone who wants to benefit from a method of learning English that’s fast, intensive, effective and fun. Our courses combine classes with leisure activities, contact with nature and business-related training.
The idea is for students to incorporate English into their daily activities, in business and any other situation, and the best way to achieve this is by fully immersing yourself in the language: 24 hours a day (lasting 2 to 5 days) in a remote setting with native speakers as your teachers who can adapt the classes and activities to your needs and priorities. Total

immersion is ensured by the classes being outside the company, in a natural, rural environment. They’re normally held at Món Sant Benet (Bages), home of the Alícia project and just one hour from Barcelona. A place where you can easily switch off from your company routine, get back in touch with nature and traditional cooking, and also enjoy other outdoor activities while still learning and practising your English.
Our system helps you acquire a good level of Business English, not only through English classes but also by eating, sleeping and breathing the language, as well as having fun.

The courses

The courses


  • Classes in small groups (maximum 5 people) plus self-study, combined with activities to further develop social English.
  • All activities and exercises are carried out in this small group format to give students the chance to interact, improve their oral fluency and listening comprehension and, at the same time, get to know other professionals in a learning environment.
  • The sessions include simulated negotiations, meetings, presentations and telephone conversations as well as other situations typically required in business. The work on vocabulary and grammar is also very much focused on the business world.


  • Individual courses with a private teacher focus on the student’s particular goals for learning and personalising the classes as much as possible.
  • Sessions are combined with activities to help develop social English.
  • We offer a range of specialised courses for all kinds of professional areas and adapt our material to our clients’ requirements.
  • Progress is monitored very closely to constantly adjust the programme to the student’s needs.

All courses include:

  • Teaching resources
  • Accommodation (individual or double room with en suite bathroom)
  • Full board (including drinks)
  • Snacks during breaks
  • Social activities every evening
  • Internet access
  • Written course assessment
  • Free activities
  • Optional activities (extra charge)

The courses do not include:

  • Medical or civil liability insurance (Castells Immerscom recommends taking out insurance)
  • Transport to the site of the immersion course (this can be arranged at an additional cost)

Course locations

Immersion courses are currently held at Món Sant Benet in Sant Fruitós de Bages. Món Sant Benet is an outstanding location for culture, tourism and leisure. Opened in 2007, it’s a unique, modern venue in the county of Bages, close to Barcelona.
Món Sant Benet boasts an exceptional, natural setting surrounded by wonderful locations such as a medieval monastery, the former summer family residence of painter Ramon Casas and the Alícia Foundation, an innovative international centre dedicated to culinary research and led by Ferran Adrià.
Món Sant Benet has comprehensive facilities designed to help you switch off from your daily routine, get back into contact with nature and immerse yourself totally in English.

Hotel Món offers the following facilities:

  • Double rooms with TV, bathroom, access to private balcony with views of the garden and the monastery
  • High speed internet connection
  • Free Wi-Fi throughout the complex
  • Free outdoor parking
  • Open air swimming pool with terrace
  • Garden with aromatic plants and footpaths

Course prices

Course prices are as follows:
5 days: € 1,500
4 days: € 1,250
3 days: € 1,000
2 days: € 750

5 days: € 2,300
4 days: € 1,850
3 days: € 1,500
2 days: € 1,100