Our Staff

Our Staff

Jennifer Junyent Castells

I graduated in Translation and Interpretation from the Pompeu Fabra University and hold the qualification of Catalan proof-reader. I am in charge of the “children” and “young people” educational levels at Castells Immerscom.

I completed a training course for English teachers in Edinburgh (Scotland) and a Business English course in Canterbury (England), in addition to stages in Paris, Cambridge and Brussels.

I have been a translator and interpreter, as well as a private teacher in companies and have extensive experience as an English teacher at the Castells Immerscom School, previously known as the Montserrat Castells School of English.

Along with Andrew Ambrosius I manage this school, founded by my mother 45 years ago. Together, Andrew and I have enhanced our training and have enjoyed a wealth of fascinating life experiences in numerous places around the world, such as the United States, Canada, South-East Asia, Australia and a host of European countries.

Andrew James Ambrosius Gibbney

I am a graduate in Political Sciences from the Edith Cowan University in Australia, my home country. Furthermore I have a post-graduate degree in Business Studies from the Barcelona Business School. I am responsible for all levels of adult English classes at Castells Immerscom, both in the classroom and with one-to-one training. I also teach in companies, on residential immersion courses and theme-based sessions.

I lived in London for two years, where I worked as an assistant project coordinator and internal customer service agent to members of parliament in the House of Commons Communication directorate.

I spent 1 year working in Vancouver (Canada), where I was an assistant project coordinator with the Coast Mountain Power Corporation and a consultant to the Skyline Gold Corporation.

Before arriving in Manresa I was employed as a policy and research officer at the Department of Agriculture and Food in Perth, Western Australia.

Since 2007 I have worked at Castells Immerscom, and along with Jennifer I currently manage the school.