English for children and young people


At Castells Immerscom we offer English for children and young people from year 1 Primary school, an age we and leading experts consider the most suitable to begin learning a foreign language. According to substantial research, pupils who initiate the study of English before they are six or seven have no greater knowledge of the language when they become adults, except in cases where they have lived in a situation of complete immersion (such as native parents or one native parent, for example). So beginning to study English at a young age with little or no exposure to the language does not guarantee better knowledge. In some cases the very opposite occurs, with the child becoming tired and bored with English upon reaching six or seven, the age when these studies should really start in earnest. In short, research tells us that starting 

“the sooner the better” is no greater guarantee of ensuring the future acquisition of written and spoken language skills than doing so at the age of six or seven.

Based firmly on our experience, we work intensely at Castells Immerscom through courses and theme-based sessions to prepare students to reach an advanced level of English. Our aim is to equip them with the language competencies they will need to achieve success when entering the world of work.

We work closely with our pupils, constantly monitoring them through our stable team of teachers and in regular contact with their families. We offer continuity throughout their educational journey, so pupils and their families know which teachers they will have each year, establishing a relationship of trust and involvement.

The courses

Classes at the school

We offer classes at all levels for children and young people, from elementary English to Proficiency (C2), and including FCE (B2) and CAE (C1). The most usual route is to start at six or seven years old (1st year of Primary) and finish with level B2 (FCE) in 4th of ESO, and with level C1 (CAE or Advanced) or even with level C2 (Proficiency) in the 2nd year of the Spanish Baccalaureate (post-16 stage of education). We are highly experienced teachers who present didactical content adapted to each level. As a general rule, courses consist in two days’ study a week, except those of advanced FCE, CAE and Proficiency levels, which have classes once a week.

Stays abroad

At Castells Immerscom we work with international organisations that have extensive experience in this type of programmes. Stays range from one week to ten months, with a wide range of alternatives (in a student residence, with a family, on campus, etc.) and are addressed to students of secondary education (ESO) and Spanish Baccalaureate. We take care of all the organisational procedures and when students are away their families can contact us 24 hours a day.
This is a type of learning we highly recommend, as complete immersion ensures a significant improvement in language skills. In fact, we have exceptional personal experience in this field. In the 1960s the school’s founder, Montserrat Castells, had the unique opportunity to live for two years with the family of the 34th President of the United States, Dwight D. Eisenhower, like just another of his daughters. Isn’t that incredible?

Intensive courses (July and September)

We have intensive courses lasting one month (July and September) adapted to all levels which will suit anyone. For those studying FCE 2, CAE 2 and CPE 2 we organise an intensive in July so that they can sit the exam at the end of the month, while in September we organise courses for those students who will take the exam at the beginning of October.

Official exams

The official exams set by Trinity College London represent a chance to gain one of the most prestigious international qualifications accrediting a level of competence in spoken English. Trinity College certificates are recognised by universities, public and private bodies, and companies at both the national and international levels. At our school we offer specific preparation for these exams and can boast an extremely high pass rate.
Cambridge English
The Cambridge exams are the quintessential qualification to demonstrate language skills in the world of work and university study at the global level. We offer the ideal preparation to attain the various Cambridge certificates. The First Certificate in English (B2), Advanced or CAE (C1) and Proficiency (C2). The skills which must be demonstrated and for which we provide specific training are Listening, Speaking, Writing, Reading and Use of English.

School course calendar