English for Business


The school offers a methodology for learning English based on highly innovative techniques. We offer business professionals the possibility of one-to-one classes, focusing on linguistic techniques that can be applied to English speaking work environments.

Our courses offer companies and individuals flexibility. We are able to offer all one-to-one classes in person or on-line via our webmeeting platform. to offer all one-to-one classes in

person or on-line via our webmeeting platform.We also offer blended English learning, with the use of our on-line campus. Using the platform, students are able to work on material at home in their free time. This allows them to take full advantage of face-to-face classes with trainers to improve conversation skills and resolve any areas where students may have questions or difficulties.

English For Business

We have an extensive offering of face-to-face English courses for individuals or groups from October to June, as well as intensive programmes. The courses vary in intensity and frequency depending on students’ needs. We offer specialisations in all cases: financial English, specialised English for a wide range of professionals, document writing, and so on. We adapt to the timetable requirements of each client and include the possibility of making up sessions that have had to be cancelled for some reason.

At Castells Immerscom we help companies take advantage of Government schemes made available via the Tripartita Foundation, which provides financial support to the business sector for staff training. All non-self-employed workers can thus access training courses without almost any cost being incurred by the company.