CATEGORY: Business English Courses

Powerful Presentations Cloud Blue 2022

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

This is an advanced level spoken English
programme for speakers of other languages designed to teach communicative soft
skills related to the effective delivery of presentations within the

This programme is specifically designed to
teach two key areas:

  1. Effective presentation skills, both online and
  2. English vocabulary and expressions for
    effective presentation delivery

What differentiates this programme from other
presentation skills workshops is that it teaches students the latest in public
speaking skills, with the benefit being that these skills are transferable to
the student’s native language. Meaning, effective public speaking skills are
universal and not language specific.

Secondly, the programme builds in all of the
necessary English language skills to allow students to deliver an engaging and
clear presentation using the English language.

This programme will make use of ideas found in
the “Harvard Business Review guide to persuasive presentations” and “Presenting
in English” by Mark Powell.

This programme is an:

  • integrated skills
  • advanced language
  • topic-specific
  • asynchronous learner autonomy
  • hybrid model

It has been designed to mix the 5 main skills; listening,
reading, writing, grammar
and speaking, to promote language

Finally, as mentioned above, this programme is
a hybrid-based model, in that students will benefit from live online sessions
which can be booked flexibly via our online booking system. Furthermore,
students will have access to a Learning Management System (LMS) 24/7, with
course videos, audios, forums and exercises. The work outside of the live
online sessions is an integral part of the course and is required to ensure
students complete the programme successfully.

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